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The future was always going to be online but with the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were forced to become more digital – education often leading the way.


As with other universities, staff and students at City had to swap lecture theatres and labs for Zoom and Team calls, and access to the internet began to rank among the top most invaluable resource across. But what does the research actually say about online learning?

1. It increases retention of information


This may come as a surprise but with online learning students have more control of their education and often, they have the opportunity to revisit classes as and when needed.

2. It saves time


Just think of the amount of time you saved commuting to work or university during lockdown – for some this is upwards of an hour each way. Online learning also cuts out some of the faff in the morning with less time now afforded to the likes of ironing or blow-drying hair.

3. It is more flexible


The 9-5 work day has always been tricky for some students, whether parents who have to work around school drop-off and pick-up times, carer-givers who have to organise care for their loved ones or simply night owls who have always felt disadvantaged by the early morning rush. But with online learning, students are able to choose their hours, learn at their own paces and from the comfort of their homes – this easing of external pressures allows students to thrive in their learning.

4. It is more inclusive


The option to learn at home and submit work electronically can relieve students from the complications of navigating physical spaces such as public transport, which may not be built to suit students with certain disabilities. At home, students study in a familiar environment that they feel comfortable in.

5. It is more affordable


Students automatically save cost on travelling and eating out. Some students save even more money by choosing courses that have been discounted online.


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With so many benefits to reap from learning digitally, several of City’s courses offer students the option to study online while still being able to visit and make the most of the exceptional resources and facilities on campus.


Whether looking to change careers, keen to top up skills or simply fancy learning something new – there is something everyone.

Bayes Business School

Offering 10 per cent discount for alumni.

Global MBA
Global Finance, MSc

Offering 15 per cent discount for alumni.

Developing Your Core Consulting Skills
Strategic Decision Making for Leaders
Finance for Non-Financial Leaders

School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

Offering discount to alumni via the City Star Scholarship – fee waivers are determined based on the classification of the undergraduate engineering degree.

Temporary Wroks and Construction Method Engineering, MSc

The City Law School

Offering 10 per cent discount for alumni.

Short courses

Offering 50 per cent discount for staff.

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