City life | By Laura Hill

Take a City short course and discover your new passion


City offers more than 120 part-time courses, giving you scope to try something different and acquire new skills.


If you came back from your summer holiday inspired to learn the language and discover more about the culture, then City’s short courses will help you expand your vocabulary and cultural knowledge in a relaxed setting.


City offers a choice of 10 languages, and these form part of a wide-ranging portfolio of short courses, which also includes business and management, computing, creative industries, creative writing and law – all taught by industry experts.

Jeanette, a student on one of City’s Japanese courses, enjoyed her experience learning in a supportive setting which built her confidence. She said:


“I would highly recommend City’s Japanese courses to anybody who is committed to learning Japanese, in a fun and supportive environment. Taka San is a brilliant and highly experienced teacher who knows how to bring out the best in his pupils, while keeping them engaged and motivated.”


Our language courses cater for everyone’s needs, from beginners onwards, taught face-to-face and online. Each level is made up of three parts, taught across three 10-week terms.

Learn about the culture as well as the language


A good language class should not only teach you how to communicate, but also how to understand the language within a cultural and historical context. This is one of the many benefits of City’s approach. Lessons are interactive and include the use of games, videos and role plays to make learning fun.


Our tutors tailor courses to students’ needs and interests, personalising content so they can use the skills they develop to enrich their lives – whether that is working overseas, conversing with family members or delving into their heritage.


Join a friendly, relaxed learning environment


There is a real sense of community in our classes and students form friendships among classmates, which motivates them to continue. Learning becomes a shared experience in a welcoming environment, with practical outcomes.


“I have really enjoyed my time on the course. Despite the fact we were working remotely, the content and delivery has been very practical, interactive and engaging. Really glad I signed up for the whole year after all.”

Spanish student

Discounts for City alumni and staff


City alumni are entitled to a 25 per cent discount on the majority of short courses. Permanent members of staff are entitled to 50 per cent off selected short courses.


Discover the full list of courses available on the short courses webpages and learn more about teaching, eligibility and the booking process by visiting the FAQ page.