Research and impact | By Shamim Quadir

City Impact: Launch of the Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research

The new Centre brings together academics from a range of disciplines and friends from all walks of life, with the aim of increasing the evidence for mindfulness-based practices.


City launched its new Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research (CEMR) in the University’s Pavilion on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.


A range of eminent speakers shared their insights at the event, including City’s President, Professor Sir Paul Curran who welcomed everyone and said:

"It is a special day for colleagues engaged in mindfulness research, apply mindfulness in their practice or those who are fortunate enough to have learned how to be present and enjoy the moment."

“The Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research brings together interdisciplinary expertise from scientists, expert practitioners and other stakeholders involved with the Centre from across the globe to generate world-leading research and real world impact in mindfulness debate, policy and practice.”

“We think that about 15 per cent of the [UK] population has tried mindfulness and in the US where there are more reliable numbers, the figure has gone from five per cent to 15 per cent in the last five years. So it is becoming mainstream."

“However, how do we reach people who have never heard of the word and could perhaps really do with the self-regulation methods and well-being support, more than anyone in [say] a yoga centre?”

The founders of CEMR

City’s Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock and Dr Trudi Edginton (pictured below, left to right) are the founding co-directors of CEMR, planning and putting into place its infrastructure including building its network of stakeholders.

Dr Mortlock is Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology. She spoke about her work with the British Armed Forces and  her research investigating the utility of both person-centred and “team mindfulness” programmes to help armed forces personnel become mindful as entire units and thus more effective in addressing stressful challenges together, both intellectual and emotional.


Dr Edginton, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher, shared the evidence on mindfulness and compassion-based interventions and why the compassion element is important particularly in her work with patients and health professionals in the NHS. She also invited attendees to take part in a short mindfulness and compassion-based intervention.

Speaking about the future of the centre, Dr Edginton remarked:

“Our new Centre has given us a unique opportunity to work more closely with our existing networks within business, academia, the NHS and the military to establish new and exciting international partnerships and research excellence.”

Dr Mortlock added:

“Through the new Centre, we are committed to developing innovative research insights to ensure that City continues to generate next-generation mindfulness solutions for individuals, organisations and for society at large.”


Find out more about the new Centre on the CEMR website.